Wednesday, September 13

Lost in translation? Try a podcast!

About six months ago I wrote an article for a becta publication about the future technologies for learning (Full publication available for free from Becta)

In it I quoted an african lady, moved to europe, who created podcasts for her euro-family to teach them her home language. These podcasts were a surprise hit worldwide!

Today I tried to track her down - but she has gone missing. Instead, several other similar sites have sprung up around the world. It seems language learning is alive and well!

To celebrate, here are a couple of sample lessons from the world of free podcast language learning:

Shona (Zimbabwe): "introducing a friend to mum"

  • Mhoro mwanangu. Wakadini? / Hello, my child. How are you?
  • Unobva kupi? / Where do you come from?
  • KuUniversity unodzidza chii? / What do you study at the University?

Shona-2005-07-22nd.mp3 (1.2 mb)
from - an english husband and zimbabwean wife team

Mandarin (China): "preparing for the olympics"

Learn how to vit in when you visit Bejing for the olympics (as if!). In this lesson you find out about “Olympics” and “players” from Jenny and Ken.

chinesepod344_A114_20060910.mp3 (8.3mb) from - a far slicker online tuition site

English for non-native speakers: "2 words a day"

Suffice = be sufficient, be adequate, be enough or meet the needs of.

Sature = to soak something with liquid, to fill something with so many people or things that no more can be added. Supply a market beyond the point at which the demand for a product is satisfied.

JV162.mp3 (2.7 mb) from - a daily double word dose from sunny South Africa



geoff said...

Which institutions are putting up the funds to provide ipods and podcasts to their students?

Georgia College & State University:

South Kent College in Dover:

Duke University in North Carolina:

Two Glascow hospitals :

Berkley University are even offering audio lectures on iTunes:

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