Wednesday, February 18

British schools scoop USA mobile learning award!


Mobile Learning is starting - slowly - to build momentum in the states, and today that momentum picked up some speed.

At mobilelearning09, a discrete collection of the main players in US industry, education and government got together in the President's Ballroom in Washington DC to celebrate some embryonic US projects, and help steer them towards something bigger and bolder.award

It was an insightful day with a wide range of contributions, but the highlight for the small British contingent was the 1st Annual Mobile Learning Award 

The day ended with the award ceremony - celebrating the most significant contribution to mobile learning in schools ... and with much excitement and cheering was won by ...

Dave Whyley and his team from Learning2Go in Wolverhampton!



Go Dave!

If you are still living in the Dark Ages and haven't heard about it, Learning2Go is a bold, very well respected collection of projects run across several Wolverhampton schools (at all ages), using smart phones to transform the way learners are learning, and teaching are supporting them.

Go look it up.

Tribal are proud supporters of Learning2Go, and love the fact that kids as young as 5 are making use of our tools and content. Several Learning2Go schools use our MyLearning Author to make their own mobile learning resources.



The UK contingent was pretty small as the event was a very US-centric affair, but our vibrant mobile community was represented by David and Gavin of Learning2Go, as well as Geoff Stead of Tribal ( - we did our best to share lessons from our far more mature m-learning market place and left excited by future prospects for m-learning in the USA.


Thanks all for a great event, and big congratulations to Learning2Go

Tuesday, February 17

m-Learning in the USA

The USA has been punching way below it's weight in m-learning for quite some time, but it feels like the giant is slowly awakening:

1: I am on my way to meet the US Navy, who have invited us to run a mobile learning project with them

the details are not yet public, but we hoping to integrate the best of mobile learning with their high-performance e-learning system

2: Tomorrow I will be at a mobile learning "think tank" in Washington DC looks small, but hopefully perfectly formed ... with a large number of people I have not heard of in the m-learning arena before. Lets see what's happening in the US!

3: A great looking m-learning content site is being launched tomorrow, at

In their infinite wisdom(!) Tony Karrer and Judy Brown have linked their content aggregator to our humble blog ... so if you visit don't be surprised to find out about us all over again!


We look forward to finding out more, and reporting back on what's happening in US mobile learning!

(I am doing my first "blogging on a plane" ... so not sure exactly when this will go live!)

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