Friday, September 8

Free SMS: "call me back"

The third world has led the way for quite a while, when it comes to creative uses of the most simple phone technologies.

Pay as you Go started there. Sending credits via SMS started there. Using private mobiles as pay phones is common there. But here is yet another great idea, this time from an operator in the Maldives

If you have run out of credit, how about being able to send a free SMS message to your friends, telling them to call you back!

This is one of a few, similar ideas being used by the Dhiragoo network in the Maldives

You know it makes sense


hanagee said...

when peekamo hits the third world not only is it gonna be free to text butpeople are gonan get money to text as a incentive.

hanagee said...

found a write up on peekamo that explains the site and the whole mobile social cimmunity.

Chathura said...
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Chathura said...

I would try this:
FREE SMS Worldwide

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