Friday, July 5

Core Apps for iPad Teachers

Are you a teacher, using iPads in the classroom? Which tools, or apps do you use?
Many conversations about mobile learning focus too much on the content itself. Starting from the distance learning / e-learning / content publishing end of the spectrum, and trying to find entire chunks of the curriculum that can be delivered via small screens.
To counteract that, have a look at this great summary of "Core Teacher Apps", put together by an Australian Primary School.
They are using iPads, but many of the listed apps are web based. Or are also available for Android. And in almost all cases, the apps themselves are secondary to the use cases implied.
I suggest you print this out, and use the list as a reminder:
  • new to m-learning? Look through these, and think what you might use them for in a classroom
  • an m-learning veteran? Look through this list to find some inspiration. Anything you haven't tried before? Why not?

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