Thursday, May 23

We're in need of a (mobile front end dev) hero!

Our team is growing again ..

I run Qualcomm's Mobile Learning Lab, split between Cambridge (UK) and San Diego (US)

We are recruiting - specifically, we are looking for someone who is king (or queen) of front end mobile development, with very strong JS, CSS, HTML skills, good design skills, and solid experience of working magic in webkit.

We specialise in adult / work based mobile learning, and build in just about any technology we can to showcase the best possible uses of mobile and emerging technologies as tools to empower, improve, and enhance learning.

We work to support Qualcomm's own staff (all 26,000 of them).
We work with our vendors to mobilise their products
We build tools and content that we publicise, to raise awareness
We work with amazing people from across the industry
We mix technologies. go fast. break things. fix them. learn and improve.

If you are interested in joining us, get in touch via the official job page:

More on our team: possibly-coolest-dev-job-in-m-learning

(No more agencies, please)

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