Thursday, January 17

Possibly the coolest dev job in m-learning?

I have recently joined Qualcomm to set up our Mobile Learning Lab - an awesome opportunity to help shape the future of mobile learning, together with the global reach to make a difference to many learners across the world.

Our Mobile Learning Lab will be in both Cambridge, UK, and San Diego, California. In Cambridge we share the site with members of Qualcomm's research and development team - experts in augmented reality, app development, user experience design and gesture recognition. In San Diego we work closely with the Learning Technology team.

Right now, we are recruiting. Specifically, we are looking for 4 mobile and web developers with a strong empathy for m-learning to be founder members of our team, and help us to use all of this awesome mobile technology for good.

  • We are inventing and building new m-learning solutions.
  • We are working with international partners to reach more diverse audiences.
  • We are sharing what we learn, to inspire and inform the industry.
  • We want to help shape the future, not just react to the here and now

If you have solid engineering skills, are enthusiastic about using them to make a difference in people's lives, have some robust mobile experience and are unafraid to tackle new and unknown technologies, we may have the perfect opportunity for you.

Interested? 3 of the roles are based in Cambridge, UK, and one is in San Diego, USA.

Join us!

To explore some of the technologies coming out of our labs, see

ps: If you don't know Qualcomm yet, we are big (about 24,000 staff), very techie (lots of hardware engineering) and very very into mobile. In fact, if you have a smartphone, we probably invented some of the bits inside it. Most likely something to do with the modem, but increasingly we are also making the processors too.

Oh - and did I mention that we just ranked number 11 in the top 100 companies to work for :-)

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