Monday, January 7

CES - keynote preview, and my new job!

This is a big week for geeks. CES launches in a few hours, and will splurge forth a wave of exciting new technologies, as well as a wave of naff "same-olds". Those who can make it to Las Vegas to witness this consumer-tech-fest first hand will soon be suffering major information overload, while the rest of us watch all the live feeds and commentaries trying to sift out the significant trends from the hype!
The connection with my new job? I have moved closer to the source in my enthusiasm for using technology for good. Instead of waiting for CES to see what the big boys are working on, I am now working WITH the big boys, using these emerging technologies for meaningful education and empowerment!
I recently joined Qualcomm to found their new Mobile Learning Lab.
Qualcomm are BIG on mobile. So big in fact that the chances are something like 90% that your phone has a bit of their technology inside it already.
So big, that the opening keynote at CES 2013 is by our CEO, Paul Jacobs.
It only goes live later today (tomorrow morning for you Asians / Europeans), but here is a sneak preview:

I am part of Qualcomm's mission to put the mobile technology that you already have in your hand to even better use. We'll be setting up a Mobile Learning lab in Cambridge, UK, to work with the wide range of technologies already being invented across the business, and putting them to work for education and training.
Augmented reality? We've got that. Most of the top AR apps you have seen are built on our Vuforia platform. (See Vuforia, at for free dev tools)

Peer to peer? We help developers pass data between any phones or tablets, whether online or not
(See AllJoyn at for free dev tools)
Context awareness? Could your phone be more useful if it understood where you were, and what you were doing?
(See Gimbal at for free dev tools)
Super smart smartphones? Our Snapdragon chipset allows app developers to bundle some super cool tricks in their apps (gesture recognition. Eye tracking. Smile detection. . . )
If you are a mobile developer and fancy a dabble, find out how to get connected on QDevNet, the Qualcomm developer site:
QDevNEt Showcase

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Jacquelyn Anika said...

I'm component of Qualcomm's vision that will put the particular cell engineering that you already have inside your palm in order to best of all work with.


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