Monday, March 18

The power and potential: a panel session discussing m-learning

There was a lot of buzz about mobile learning at this year's Mobile World Congress. More than at any previous event. Significants I was able to be at included:

1: GSMA Seminar on the future of mEducation:
A packed out event including sessions by Graham Brown-Martin (slides here); Our own Peggy Johnson, EVP at Qualcomm (slides here); George Held, VP at Etisalat (slides here) followed by a debate with Florence Gaudry-Perkins (Alcatel-Lucent), Vanessa Lucio (Telefonica Learning Services) and others

2: Launch of a report from the Broadband Commission on technology and education

3: Live panel discussion between Qualcomm, mEducation Alliance and Etisalat looking at the future of this (no longer emerging) idea of m-learning. Click below to see it:

(clicking will take you to their site:

Our conversation was streamed out, live, to all the huge screens around Barcelona, which was a bit surreal! The contributors are:
Kept in order by Mark Smith

I'm very pleased to see m-learning hitting the mainstream, despite the often muddled assumption that it is one single thing (rather than the diaspora of opportunities it really is!)


Bryan Baker said...

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Steve Turnbull said...

Hi Geoff,

Inspiring work!

I've Tweeted you. Very keen to talk about a mobile learning toolkit I've developed - very visual, very accessible, very collaborative, very different..

I'm an indie developer - developed Stephen Fry's favourite memory game MEMNEON - and former lecturer in Media, and Education. Passionate about m-learning.

Based down the road from you in Bury St Ed too :)

My email:

Looking forward to hearing.

Kind regards,


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