Tuesday, October 2

Top tips for mlearning: wisdom of the crowd

Last week I ran a session at MobiMOOC2012 with educators and learning technologists from across the world, exploring different pedagogies, and learning theory often associated with mobile learning. Our aim was to explore the gap between the theory, and practice. The week started with a presentation from me, culminating in an open question:
What advice could the attendees (and other MobiMOOCers) offer to others interested in getting started with mobile learning?
Discussions raged on for the rest of the week, with some great suggestions, and observations. The list, below, were our TOP TIPS:

  mind the gap - top tips for mlearning

 Our collective MobiMOOC top tips were:
  • One size does not fit all: choose the tools to fit the need and context
  • Let learning design inform the technology (not the other way round)
  • ACTIVE Learning: use mobile tools to do stuff - in the classroom, in the world
  • Empowerment: allow the learners lead
  • Use social media to collaborate and share
  • Keep learning strategies AGILE: allow time, and space to iterate
  • Start from the CONTEXT of use, involve learners and be creative
  • Small, reusable content is more flexible for mobile use
This is what the MobiMOOC class of 2012 came up with. What do you think?

Some additional quotes from attendees that help back this up are:
  • Forget what you think the tech can do - what do you want to do?
  • Information is everywhere, learners are mobile, m-devices are the bridge between them (Involve real-life tasks into educational activities)
  • Let learners do things their way -- congratulate yourself if they do not proceed exactly like you had planned.
  • While with technologies there is access to an abundance of information, this does not necessarily imply learning. It is what learners do with this information that leads to learning
  • Small-size devices, straightforward activities (Reduce complicated learning procedures).

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