Monday, September 24

MobiMOOC - free online m-learning course happening now!

MobimoocThere have been a flurry of reports in the news recently about MOOCs. Massive, Open, Online courses. Several notable startups have waded in (Coursera, Udacity, edX, Ted-ed), and the early results look impressive.

But did you know that Mobile Learning was one of the early adopters?

MobiMOOC 2011 started the ball rolling last year. A massively online, free, collaboration between m-learning gurus from across the globe (see our summary report)

The next one, MobiMOOC 2012 is happening RIGHT NOW. It is part way through, free, and waiting for you to join in as a lurker, a caution contributor, or a down-right enthusiast!

For a preview of the speakers and sessions, explore the MobiMOOC site

I am curating a strand this week, presenting live on both Tuesday (late) and Wednesday (early), with a parallel discussion forum. The title is "Mind the Gap: exploring the gap between m-learning theory, and practice"

Do drop in. I'd love to see you online.


Carla arena said...


I´ve just seen your summary in slidespeech and super eager to delve into all the theoretical frameworks you´ve presented to help me keep up with the practical aspects of mlearning implementation. We´ve been using mobile devices for English language learning for the past months, and educators have been reporting how it changes the classroom environment and the possibilities for learning, reaching every student in very unique ways.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic. Do I find any of the resources you´ve mentioned online?

Cheers from Brazil.

geoff said...

Hi Carla. Did you find them? I've uploaded the slide deck, as well as some further comments in these 2 posts:

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