Thursday, August 19

why mobile changes things?

Living in the middle of “mobile learning”, it feels totally obvious that mobile is important, and that it fundamentally changes the way we look at information … but I can’t help noticing that not everybody else shares my view!

(shocking, I know!)

That’s why I really like Bryan’s presentation – with (quite a lot of) simple, non-technical images and statements he manages to capture the excitement, the challenges, and the diversity of the mobile landscape


I especially like the simplicity he uses to get the message across – if I wasn’t already enthused, I would be now! Thanks, Bryan


Bryan Rieger said...

I'm really glad you enjoyed the presentation slides, and thank you so much for the kind words.

In looking over the slides I'm realising there's *a lot* of stuff missing that was all verbal. The BIG part missing from the presentation (during the discussion afterwards) was about the opportunities for the mobile web... and that's the bit I really want people to get excited about going forward. :)

Nita said...

Excellent! a definate RT for all!

EJ said...

In many ways we have already been using mobile learning even before the iPhone and smart phones. Podcasts with reliable educational content can be construed as mlearning. Although now with the tablets, we can expect more apps to cater to information hungry masses. What we need now are reliable elearning authoring tools to reach the potential of mlearning.

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