Friday, October 2

Quick guide to low cost ICT devices for 3rd world

For several years, those nice people at infoDev / World Bank have been keeping a (slowly aging) list of excellent, low cost technology cheap and robust enough to be used in the developing world.


Great list – but almost impossible to keep uptodate. Especially when it comes to Mobile. Growth of mobile phones, and connectivity via mobile networks has massively leapfrogged the non-mobile alternatives in most of the developing world, with no sign of slowing down.


And the list doesn’t really include ANY phones


Well – today is our moment to put that right. infoDev has decided that the only way to keep it fresh is to “crowdsource”, asking all of us to contribute devices we think need inclusion.


If you know of a mobile device worthy of inclusion, please fill out their handy survey, below, which will send your suggestions straight to the team at infoDev to include in their new list.


Thanks, infoDev for collecting this info – and don’t forget the mobiles!


Form also available directly at

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