Friday, November 14

infinitely digital

I like when different areas of my life collide - as they did a week or so ago in Bethnal Green Working Men's club, watching four young performance poets do a show about computer games (part of the London Games Festival) It was funny and intelligent and would make a brillianr addition to Handheld Learning or Alt-C - but what would you call these guys, late 20s early 30s brought up on Pacman, Super Mario and Street Fighter? Not natives as they probably didn't have phones until they were well into their teenage years. Is it true that most computer games bought these days are in fact by this demographic? So maybe it's not the kids we should be worrying about - but the dads? One thing that struck me, in the days when we are supposed to be promoting persistence, is that it's a quality playing computer games undeniably encourages. As a developer and educationalist I need to think about all the aspects of a computer game that make it hard to leave. Ah Sonic, I really loved your spikey blueness. You can see a clip of Infinite Lives here

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