Friday, November 9

NokMote - Wii style interface with your Nokia !!

Here at moblearn we love people who challenge the way we use our technology, and challenge our assumptions about interfaces.

The iPhone / iPod Touch did that for me with its web browsing. Tactile zooming. Automatic rotation.

But did you know some of the same magic is available for Nokia N95?

Like the iPhone, it has an accelerometer inside, but until now it wasn't used for much.

Until, that was, a french programmer called Samir got hold of it ... and produced NokMote. Check out the video - and be sure to watch the end bit, where he uses the phone as a remote control. Amazing!


Anonymous said...

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ettesa said...

It is amazing what programmers are doing with electronics, I have found with my N95 it is great at most things but not all the nav is a little inaccurate so I use my halfords sat nav system for those tasks, I think sometimes they are trying to put too much into them just to make you buy.

Anonymous said...
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