Friday, September 7

Gadget review: Toshiba G900 Protege

The great folks at Toshiba let us get our hands on one of the first production G900's to hit our shores, and we leapt on it eagerly, to see how our resources run on it.

The spec is fantastic, and ought to make it a good choice for learning:
  • Wide, high res screen
  • Windows Mobile 6
  • Thumbprint recognition (and scrolling)
  • One of the fastest processors around
  • Reasonable camera (2 mega pixel - but with a great lens)
  • sleek lines

BUT (and this is a big but), both our devices were increadibly slow.
  • Video playback was slow
  • All apps were slow
  • Browsing the folders was slow
  • Email was slow
  • Even using the phone was slow.

We don't know why, and I have delayed posting this blog for three weeks while we wait to hear back from Toshiba. They took our concerns very seriously and are checking them out in their labs, but as yet I have no answer.

Is the problem Windows Mobile 6? Might be, but other WM6 devices seem OK. And all our earlier OS devices were running way faster ... even with less than half the processing power of the G900!

I will update when I hear back from Uncle Tosh ...


geoff said...

We have heard back from Toshiba. They have been very receptive to the market feedback, it seems, and are only going to use the G900 as a prototype device in education.

They have another offering in the wings that will be faster, and better suited to use with learners ... but it is still under wraps

geoff said...

so, just to be clear ... please DO NOT buy the P900 for educational use.

(well, ermm, to be fair to Tosh, if you do want to buy one make very very sure you are happy with the speed of the applications you want to run on it first!)

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