Friday, December 8

The mobile web is alive and well ... in Africa!

We know the take up of mobile phones in Africa has been way faster than ever expected:

  • 18 months ago, there were already more mobile than fixed-line phones
  • many more people have access to a mobile phone than a landline one
  • mobile networks are sidestepping official, goverment run chaos
We also know the picture isn't all rosy, as there are still vast areas with no coverage and call charges are still high.

But with that as a background, I saw some great statistics on the BBC website today:

  • The vast majority of international visitors accessing the BBC website from their phones come from Africa!
  • Nigeria = 61%
  • South Africa = 19%
So, there may not be enough broadband and PCs around, but it is reassuring that "web on your phone" is still a really useful technology.

Thanks for the phone friendly website, BBC

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